Threat Archives

This section is an archive of old computer threats ranging from harmful Trojans, viruses, adware, and malware. For most recent threat news, articles, and removal guides, please visit the new section at main page.


Adware.SpyAxe was tagged by security expert as one of the widely-spread and most successful rogue…
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SaveDefense is a harmful security product made to mislead Windows users. This fake anti-virus is the newest…
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Malware Catcher 2009

Malware Catcher 2009 is a rogue security and anti-malware application that will be installed on computer…
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AntiVirus360Remover is a misleading computer application and was added in the lists of harmful rogue…
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Malware Cleaner

Malware Cleaner is a harmful security product made to mislead Windows users. It will attempt to persuade…
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