Pyagcore is a program that may display redirect searches, pop-up advertisements and other forms of promotional materials. Adware are technically normal programs that were made to intentionally show ads and generate revenue. Other variants of adware are made to install programs, browser add-ons, and hijack home page of the Internet browser to accomplish tasks.

Normal ways to spread Pyagcore includes freeware or shareware applications. Some may acquire this threat by visiting malicious web site or web page that was uploaded to spread Pyagcore. Spam emails, links from social networking sites and instant messaging programs are also some of the main cause for adware infection.

When Pyagcore is executed, it will drop files on the computer. Registry entries are also created to run its code each time Windows starts. Modifications are then carried out on browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome to display ads and redirect requested web address to a different location. The effect of Pyagcore may differ depending on the browser.

Adware is not a computer virus. It doesn’t spread on local network and you should never worry that it may infect files on the PC. Even though it is not as harmful as ordinary viruses, we still urge you to remove Pyagcore and other potentially unwanted program on your computer. This kind of software is still unsafe and recommended to exist on the system.

Pyagcore may also perform the following:

It will drop the following files:

%ProgramFiles%\TrustIn Popups\tcpop.cfg
%ProgramFiles%\TrustIn Popups\TrustInPopups.exe
%ProgramFiles%\TrustIn Popups\uninstall.exe

It will also pop-up a message about and

Signs and Symptoms of Pyagcore Infection:

Internet browser may exhibit pop-up advertisements
Adware, including Pyagcore are made to generate online revenue by promoting products through ads that it will display on affected browser.

Requested web page will get redirect to unknown URL
With the modifications carried out by Pyagcore, search results and requested web page will be rerouted to URL specified by the adware.

Pyagcore can integrate modules on the browser
Toolbar can be added by the adware on the browser which consists of various buttons promoting several web sites and online services.

How to Remove Pyagcore

1. Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from this link and save it on your Desktop.
2. After downloading, double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
3. Follow the prompts and install as default only.

4. Before the installation completes, check on the following prompts:
- Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
- Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

5. Click Finish. Program will run automatically and you will be prompt to update the program before doing a scan. Please update.
6. Scan your computer thoroughly.
7. When scanning is finished click on the Show Results button.
8. Make sure that all detected threats are marked, click on Remove Selected.
9. Restart your computer.

Note: Some malware may prevent mbam-setup.exe from downloading and running. You can download and rename this program from a different computer before running it on infected system.


  1. natalie

    I did everything on the list and now Kewee toolbar is completely uninstalled but a message still appears every time I try to access messenger saying something about pyagcore… any other suggestions?

    (please try and keep it simple I’m not exactly a computer genius)

  2. Nathan

    It worked!!! Thankyou guys!!!

  3. Lexi

    I have another computer that keeps saying this for my messengers and internet explorer…how am i supposed to download UNLOCKER when this pyagore is keeping me from internet!?!

  4. jorge ramos

    Gracias por tu aportacion funciono muy bien nuevamente muchas gracias.

  5. Andy


    I am in same position as you. I can not get on to the internet on my other computer because of this pyagcore message. Have you resolved it yet?

  6. pepe

    tengo un problema con pyagecore.serch.searchdetection y me aparece varias lineas con diciendo q hay un probema con un archivo o algo de una configuracion.
    me gustaria q alguien me diera una solucion.

  7. pat stewart

    i wont to get pyagcore removed from my computer it is messing it up can you have some one help me un install it

  8. Jason

    Seemed to finally do the trick for me. My yahoo msngr is fully operational again and my windows live msgr is finally opening. THANKS A LOT YAY!

    I have had this problem on my computer since my ex roommate gave it back to me at the end of November.

  9. Mark

    worked great!!

  10. Bilal

    it works, thanx a lot.

  11. rob

    My computer that keep saying this for my messenger.when pyagore is keeping me from my messenger.

  12. MaRaViLlA

    la verdad necesito ayuda me sale un letrero diciendo pyagcore, y la verdad he seguido muchos procedimientos y no puedo al contrario me han salido mas cuadro de error si hay alguien que me pueda ayudar estare muy agradecido espero su ayuda muy pronto gracias por su atención adiós.

  13. Nerissa

    Hey I followed the directions and there are parts of kiwi that won’t unlock and so it won’t delete..any suggestions?

  14. claudia

    espero que esten bnn y me ayuden con este problema que tengo con mi compu ya que an venido tecnicos y no an podido arreglarlo este es el problema:
    es que cada que intento abrir el windos Live Messenger
    NO se puede por que dice:

    [‘Traceback (most recent call last):/n’,’ File”c://pyagcore//pyagcore/”, line 3, in /n’,ImportError: NO module named shell/n’]

    nesesito que me digan que significa y por que causa sucedio esto y tambien como solucionar este problema por que ya me quiero conectar en windows live messenger si me puden ayudar?


    ¡muchas GRACIAS por atenderme!

    ATTE: claudia


    tengo un problema que no puedo entrar al windows messenger estoy bloqueada y tambien el internet tengo problemas por favor ayudenmen aparece el mensaje de pyagcore search y me tira fuera.


  16. Alan

    I had the same problem, my IE and windows messanger wouldn’t start & gave a message, I downloaded AVG 8.5 free edition from this removes the threat and allows these applications to run

  17. Mary

    THANKS! This worked perfect! It was under the name: kw…exe it wasn’t kiwee.exe. Also I had to delete msnmse.exe (something like that) too. Then I restarted my computer and it worked perfect!

  18. harapos

    me esta causando problemas el programa para entrar a internet….que puedo hacer? necesito una respuesta clara …o acaso este programa es un fraude?de que estamos hablando?me impide accesar a internet y ocupar mi equipo a la hora que yo quiero y es mi derecho …por lo tanto quiero una respuesta clara …gracias

  19. montserrat

    everytime i want to open my messenger page it doesnt open and a sign comes up that says pyagcore.pyacoredetection please help me and hurry
    ps= not to complicated ok

  20. neal

    Worked a treat – thank you very much! Downloaded the unlocker tool onto a floppy and transferred to infected computer and bingo deleted the file and all works again – Thank you!!

  21. Austin

    I used the unlocker and for some reason my computer completely stopped working. It will turn on but as soon as i log on, all i see is the background picture and thats it. the start menu doesnt come up or anything. is there a way to try and reverse whatever i did?

  22. wamegodreamweaver

    I’ve done all of the above and I’m still getting these messages. I’m unable to open Internet Explorer, Windows Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. The only way I’ve been able to access the internet at all is because I also had Safari on my system. It doesn’t seem to be affected at all. I’ve researched this for 4 days and have tried everything suggested up to and including uninstalling programs, toolbars and utilizing cleaners. Nothing has worked.

    I started getting this message as soon as Internet Explorer did an automatic update. Some of the virus scanners indicate the virus is attached to an Explorer download.

    Help, please.

  23. preciosa1

    i download the bar again at and it gave me the option to repair or deleted and i hit deleted and it removeit completly

  24. paulo

    por favor nessecito de ajuda.ja fiz tudo o que li para resolver o pyagcore,search.searchdetetion,mas esta tudo na mesma.penso que nao funciona porque nao consigo desinstalar o kiwee.ja tentei centenas de vezes e nada.ja estou nisto a 3 semanas.sou imigrante e faz-me falta o msn para poder falar com a familia.por favor aguardo respostas.obrigado paulo .

  25. fottyboyuk

    i advise anypne and everyone to have 2 brousers on there computer as this way u can at last download
    i had to sort friends pc out via logmein also it disables mcaffee anti and also known issues of norton

  26. Anton

    And again the solution worked!!!


  27. B_Billy

    I ran into this with IE7 and sure enough, Kiwee Toolbar had been installed on the PC. I uninstalled that (and any other related programs), uninstalled IE7 (bringing it back to IE6), opened IE6, reinstalled IE7 and then everything was fine.

  28. alfredo

    espero que me ayuden con este problema que tengo con mi computadora este es el problema:
    es que cada que intento abrir el windos Live Messenger
    NO se puede por que dice:

    [‘Traceback (most recent call last):/n’,’ File”c://pyagcore//pyagcore/”, line 3, in /n’,ImportError: NO module named shell/n’]

    nesesito que me digan que significa y por que causa sucedio esto y tambien como solucionar este problema por que ya me quiero conectar en windows live messenger si me puden ayudar?


    ¡muchas GRACIAS por atenderme!


    MANY THANKS.. just when I was losing the battle I won the war with this computer .. children are much more easier than technology, haha… but I’m glad I succeded with your help!

    This program is great!! it worked!!

    Thanks again.

  30. eithel

    tengo problemas con el windows police pro, quiero saber como elominarlo de mi computadora, no me deja entrar a internet. expliquenme bien por favor eithel

  31. mohamed

    hi, after removing it from the task manager, where do you browse the C/:PROGRAM FILES/KIWEE TOOLBAR ??

  32. rignator

    go to my computer>local disc>program files>kiwee toolbar
    not gonna do mauch good though, it protects itself and can’t be erased in some cases…

  33. Bella

    Help me!!!
    I went on another website first which told me to delete kiwee so i clicked the start button went onto all programs, right clicked on kiwee and pressed delete
    i wish i hadnt now cuz it didnt help and now ur solution probably would hav worked cuz so many people r saying it does.
    Is there any other way??!!

  34. Jess

    I’ve tried uninstalling the kiwee toolbar but it wont let me! I clicked continue then you see a the outline of a box flash up and go away again. Kiwee toolbar just wont uninstall!! I installed Kiwee ages ago…why is it causing a problem for me now? The same message comes up every time……then loads of other writing i dont understand lol. It stops me from going on MSN and internet explorer so im having to use AOL at the moment. Please can someone help!

  35. Mark

    hi im a techy, my friend brought a laptop to me with this and she was running IE7 and after removing truck loads of malware i still couldnt get IE to open so i could download some software, i remembered vista came with a no addons option for IE7

    So click start and type into the search Add-ons and click the IE logo it comes up with then you can click the balloon at the top and disable the kiwee toolbar addon

    Hope this helps

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