System Security

System SecuritySystem Security is a bogus security program for Windows system. It will attempt to persuade users into obtaining the registered version by providing fake scan results on victim’s computer. This fake anti-virus software comes from a large group of malicious applications that has created various variants of it. System Security is just a mimic of the other versions and only obvious change is its name. Graphical user interface and method of propagation remains the same. Usually, System Security will be acquired from web sites that will disguise as an online virus scanner. These web sites will automatically run a scan on visitor’s machine, although it is not a real process, it will detect a number of threats in order to push visitors to install the trial version of System Security.

Innocent users may think that the endorsed program will help remove threats, so many have fallen into the trick of this rogue program. Right after it is installed; it will carry another local scan on the computer and detects dozens of threats. An advice to remove these infections follows but can only be performed if the licensed version of System Security is purchased. Users will be brought to an online payment web site where credit card account is needed to complete the transaction.

Screenshot Image:

Image of System Security

System Security also performs the following:

1. It will pop-up messages such as:

Alert! Your PC is at risk of virus and spyware attack.
Your system requires immediate check!
System Security Scanner will perform a quick and free scan of your PC for viruses and spyware programs.

2. System Scan will produce its own scan results to scare computer users of possible infections.

Signs and Symptoms of System Security Infection:

Browser is redirected to System Security web sites
Rogue program is coupled with web site that promotes the full version of it. Also, the same web sites are used for online payment if user has fallen into the trap of this malware.

Exhibits fake pop-ups and security alert
In order to deceive computer users, System Security will exhibit a bunch of fake security alerts and warning messages. It also intends to promote the malware as the sole remover for identified threats.

System Security will detect errors and threats that do not exists
Every rogue programs are made to mislead computer users. Thus, expect that System Security will show scan result that is full of errors and threats. This result is fictitious and you should not follow its recommendation.

Other Functions of System Security:

  • System Security may come with another Trojan or virus
  • It can contact a remote server in order to download more malware
  • This threat will drop malicious files and make changes to the system registry
  • System Security can steal credit card information when you pay for it online
  • The threat can redirect search result link to a malicious web page

How to Remove System Security

1. Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from this link and save it on your Desktop.
2. After downloading, double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
3. Follow the prompts and install as default only.

4. Before the installation completes, check on the following prompts:
- Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
- Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

5. Click Finish. Program will run automatically and you will be prompt to update the program before doing a scan. Please update.
6. Scan your computer thoroughly.
7. When scanning is finished click on the Show Results button.
8. Make sure that all detected threats are marked, click on Remove Selected.
9. Restart your computer.

Note: Some malware may prevent mbam-setup.exe from downloading and running. You can download and rename this program from a different computer before running it on infected system.


  1. kathy

    Used this solution this morning – it works

  2. miroj

    thnx for the software!


    I ran this yesterday (mbam-setup.exe) it did not clean up 100% when I restarted my computer this malware was back. I can’t get it off, any suggestions

  4. Amanda

    Thanks so much for this solutions. . . .System security was a major piece of work and pain.. . . . ***Sigh. . . majorly relieved.

  5. superwoman708

    Try using the task manager to shut it down manually that what i did,look for the task called tmpb or tmpc with a squilly line next to it,stop the process then search the computer for the file PERFETCH delet this file, then search and delete the tmp files,try to install the program after that and make it snappy,it will return soon

  6. laura

    i have tried all of the above and still have not got rid of this..any other suggestions?

  7. tisha

    i hve dwnloaded malware but its nt runnin wat 2 do??????????????/

  8. Pete

    Tried the .exe download. The dialogue box to start the process doesn’t stay visible long enough to press the continue or next button.

  9. MichaeL

    Did the job perfectly as easy as 1, 2, 3.


  10. blanca vergara

    i bought the system security for my computer for protection off virus and it does not appear on my computer ..what can i do to get it back or any number i can call for informacion?

  11. Ellen

    Try downloading and running the program while in safe mode. Make sure you let the program run its entire course (over 1/2 hour).

  12. Budd

    THe post by Dont Mess With Me – it worked, quick and easy. After spending a whole day and downloading yet another anti-virus (that did not work), this did the trick. Thanks!!

  13. Hito

    OK! Yes, after a long scan i rebooted and the problem was fixed! For those of you who cant start malwarebytes in normal mode boot up in safemode and try. I did a full system scan and it fixed it. The version I downloaded today from the link here did not require an update to fix it so dont worry about not being able to update it. Hope this helps some!

  14. ChrisR-NZ

    This System Security virus is a nasty and fraudulant thing. It blocks your USB ports to stop you backing up your PC, it removes Cntl-Alt-Delete rights and blocks the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (mbam-setup.exe) software from running (even if you change its name).

    To fix:
    (1) Down load the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware software
    (2) Save it to your desktop
    (3) Reboot and start up in “Safe Mode” as Hito mentions above
    (4) I just did this for a friend and he had 92 file infections!
    (5) Follow Hito’s instructions and it should be fixed.

    Best of luck

  15. tiredray

    Don’tmesswithme” solution worked…..safemode,all programs,accesories,systemrestore…..after restart, system security was gone, i ran my anti spyware (Xoftse…..great!)….thnx don’tmess. it’s time for the slack-jawed, lipped-strumming morons that create these malwares to be classified as terrorists and prosecuted as such……good luck, all!

  16. Jessica

    Can anyone please explain to me how to start up in “safe mode”? (pressing F8 on system start up didn’t work…unless I’m doing it wrong) I have the system security virus on my computer and have tried many ways to get rid of it but the virus will not even let me open up ANY files. I’m going to try the advice from Hito & ChrisR-NZ but am having trouble figuring out how to start up in safe mode. Thanks

  17. Tim

    I just had this virus today and I did what Hito and ChrisR-NZ suggested and it worked perfectly. It took about an hour and a half for the scan to complete but it was worth it.

  18. Ms Dessa

    Took the advice of Hito & ChrisR-NZ and it WORKED!!!!!

    To fix:
    (1) Down load the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware software
    (2) Save it to your desktop
    (3) Reboot and start up in “Safe Mode” as Hito mentions above
    (4) Run the program & it should work
    (5) I just did myself about 5 minutes ago

    (it only took about 10 minutes for me)


    I BEAT IT! There’s a simple fix!

    First off, this was the nastiest virus I’ve ever dealt with. And I fully support the idea of hunting these people down and trying them as terrorists. Or better yet just wipe them out with a Predator drone. Seriously. That’s how mad I am.

    This thing blocked my anti-spyware, blocked task manager, blocked firefox, blocked system restore, blocked the malware download that worked for some people and generally made life hell.

    Here’s how you can beat it (this was for Windows XP on a networked computer being used off network):
    * Open my computer –> C drive –> Documents and Settings –> All Users –> Application Data (you may have to set your preferences to view hidden folders to see this)
    * You should see 1 or 2 folders that are just a bunch of numbers. View by details and you’ll see that the “date modified” coincides with when your misery began.
    * DON’T TRY TO OPEN OR DELETE THE FOLDERS. I made that mistake and discovered this dang virus adapts and starts shutting down stuff that you’re using to try to stop it.
    * Right-click on the suspect folder and choose EXPLORE.
    * You’ll see a file that ends with .exe
    * rename the file and change exe to txt
    * Restart.

    That’s it. NOTHING else worked for me. Hope this helps.

  20. IT DUDE

    My brothers laptop got this pesky virus yesterday. It is a mean little one. He is running Windows Vista O/S. After doing some searching online on another laptop about this, I found alot of ways to remove it. The way I did it I could not find it online, so I hope this helps out. After I did it I could not find any instance of the virus in the places they said to look. Since the virus attacks all .exe files, preventing you from opening firewall, defender, and so on, you can’t just click on Windows defender and open it. The easy trick I found was this: 1-Click on the start button/orb. 2-In the start search box type in “defender”. 3-In the results up top highlight “Windows Defender”. DO NOT CLICK ON DEFENDER NORMALLY it will not open, instead right click and choose “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR”. 4-When the UAC (User Account Control) dialogue box appears, choose “ALLOW”. This will open Windows Defender. Defender will then run and find the virus and delete it. Now this worked for me and I hope by passing it on, it will work for you without having to buy any additional software to get rid of it.

  21. amestoys

    Ok. So I ran Windows Defender while in Safe Mode, but it did not find anything? I’m running the scan again but what if it doesn’t find anything again? I haven’t tried the System Restore option yet so hopefully that will do the trick.

  22. Jibby

    Victorious …….. that worked for me thanks

  23. murrman

    none of the above worked for me. I found the folder c:\windowsprefetch with the files, but they seem to remake themselves, even after I rename and delete them.
    The programs stop me from running a virus scan or adware removal programs. I’ve tried in safe mode as well as regular.

    I also tried restoring to previous date, but it won’t allow me to do so.

    Any other ideas?

    By the way, how do I turn off the invisible mode of a folder? I didn’t see a “preference” folder as mentioned.

  24. FINALLY!

    Victorious – you totally rock. Nothing else was working but your suggestion worked!

  25. BiggNife

    Victorious’ fix worked perfectly, thanks a lot. Normally I’d just use MBAM, but System Security kept preventing me from running .exes by telling me that they were “infected.” Thankfully I could still open Windows Explorer. Definitely one of the tougher malware/viruses I’ve come across lately.

  26. TennisVet

    I tried a bunch of rescue CDs – Kaspersky, BitDefender etc… They didn’t remove System Security. I tried Victorious’ simple fix and after an agonizing 4 days the solution worked!

  27. Lissa

    Worked great allthough keeping my fingers crossed. That system security virus is a pain in the &$%!!! I preformed all the tasks in safe mode and so far so good. Thanks so much.

  28. Jeff K

    Many, many thanks for this help!
    Worked great, very bad virus Rogue.Multiple.H

    Yuck! Cannot use any exe and no real internet access.
    Had to go to safe mode and manually type in site.

    Malawarebytes is excellent software!

    Good advice


  29. rien


    Indeed, worked perfectly for me!!!

    Many thanks.

  30. CG and GRich

    Yeah, we just got it fixed!! Thanks for all of the advice. We tried everything to get rid of it, including trying an uninstall. The virus was preventing everything from being opened except the Internet, so we couldn’t do an uninstall. We also attempted to backup the registry before attempting to do anything, but it was not accessible. Hito’s advice (et al)worked for us too.

    (1) Downloaded the Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware software to a different computer, renamed it and then used a flash drive to save it onto the desktop of the infected computer

    (2) Rebooted and started up in “Safe Mode” (hit F8 continuously to get the option for Safe Mode) as Hito mentioned above

    (3) We did a full scan and it took 1.5 hours, there were 18 infections

    (4) We checked “remove all infected” even though it looked like Microsoft Word and some other Office programs were infected

    (5) Computer is running great now. We downloaded some additional free anti-virus protection that a friend suggested called Avast

    Hope all works out well for you too!!

  31. Chuck

    Got this virus in one of my computers by accidentally clicking an ad on facebook.

    Program removed it just fine.


  32. MoandChris

    i tried what Victorious and Faiza did! THANKS! it wouldnt even lemme run malware in safe mode anyways but i found that s***. althought it didnt show that exe. file but search for the file Av.exe or ad.exe one of those was the name of the file i dont rmemeber now lol.. but change exe to txt. and delete the file that contains the name prefetch also. i found that in c:windowsprefetch there you will find that odd number with 166……exe change that to txt to. restart it should work but just follow what vict and fai did. THANKS GUYS! dont forget to delete it after you restart. btw allw as done in safemode

  33. Gordon

    What a peace of work that virus is. I was able to get to my control panel and set up a back up restore point to get online,down loaded software removel tool ,cleaned every thing up works great I went ahead and bought the full version.

  34. Thankful4dainfo

    Victorious, I just want to say Thank You very much. I’ve tried so many methods and when I did it the way you did – it worked. Thank you again. I was getting ready to go out of my mind tryin to get rid of that virus.

  35. hurting computer

    I did everything that everyone has posted, but still having no luck.
    This thing has got me good. I can only open a few things in safe mode. I can not open the malware in any form (safe,windows,memory stick) it works on my labtop though.
    when starting in normal it use to pop up the system security thing right away…….now it doesn’t do that… will just free.
    And it won’t even give me a date for a system restore….that is apperently unavailable. I’ve read everywhere on the web about this, and right now seems to me I have the worst of it so far.
    I’m really stuck, can anyone help??

  36. Suresh

    Thank you I used this software – it worked…

  37. Ryan and Emerson

    THANK YOU VICTORIUS!! This was the most insidious malware I’ve encountered—disabling system restore, Control-Alt-Delete, Windows Update, and Norton. I could not launch the mbam.exe file because no .exe’s could be launched. I did exactly what Victorius said and it worked! Thanks again!!

  38. Mike

    Thanks Victorious!
    Yours was the only solution for me.

  39. 7kru

    I’m sure this is good but the system security I have is out of control. Everything and anything I try to do to delete it somehow stops it. I really need help very badly, it is destroying my computer.

  40. Whitney C

    Thanks Victorious and others,

    That worked. Once the files were renamed, I could delete them, then run a number of other tools to clean out the remaining traces.


  41. Greg

    Thanks, great advice and program. What a little virus system security is!

  42. Joykokkat

    Hi Guys

    Faiza’s way of removing out this virus worked well and thanks to him it is the simplest just copied below the same.

    I have given you this suggestions, haven’t you guys tried that? No need for internet or any thing else or not even need to download any software…but for XP or SP pack 2 users…..

    1) Right click on the shortcut of dat “system security” on desktop.
    2) Click “shortcut ” the properties n copy the target. . (n Haan!! if u couldn’t find shortcut just try to check in”C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Data” path….)
    3) Open dat path..
    4) Click on “tools” on menu bar of folder n den “folder options”
    5) Click on the “view” tab…n den uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file type”.
    6) You’ll find unknown MST prob 2 folders(naming 16223 etc) in which will b exe,zip n some other extension files..
    7) Just rename their extensions to .txt, even to .zip folder too..
    8) N den restart your PC and delete all of the stuff you changed in .txt
    n den scan your PC, that’s it…

    have good time

  43. Hate these guys

    ONLY worked with Vic’s way. Thank You

  44. Corey

    My son’s computer has the issue. Tryed renaming folder’s. I believe one was missed by his step dad. The virus deleted windows. The computer is a millenium edition xp dell. It disables any program being opened. Task manager, add and remove programs, etc. Any ideas. I have no idea whether it was my 15 year olds fault or another. I have six kids, and this is the second computer loss this week. The other is a temporary until a relatively cheap laptop charger can be found. We have been hit hard by the recession, and I would be greatful as what to do to fix this. Please, Anyone, help. This is super frustrating, because I could not afford virus software let alone paying the scam artist right now. I have been working my fingers to the bone. Please help me, and thankyou to the person who does.

  45. ChrisPaul

    Thanks VICTORIOUS, I have been fighting with this virus for days and had tried everything possible. It had locked me out of absolutely everything. NO SAFE MODE, No CTRL ALT DEL, Could not run any programs or scanners even when renamed, I could not even get in to change the settings to view hidden folders to even look for numbered folders. I finally removed the hard drive and slaved it to another computer and then followed VICTORIOUS’s instructions to change the numbered.exe file to .txt. I then placed the drive back into the original computer and was able to now scan with Malwarebytes and Defender. WOW, this one was nasty…. And it keeps getting smarter. Thanks to all

  46. Greatlyappreciated

    Thanks a Million VICTORIOUS!

    I really didn’t have an idea what i was up against and through research i then understood. When i saw a few people thanking ya for the suggestion I decided to try it myself and it worked INSTANTLY. To the others that may use the suggestion I hope it works and follow it exaclty how it’s stated. I hope the best. Once again thanks again.

  47. ash


  48. WorkedLikeaCharm!

    I followed the exact instructions and it worked on my first scan. Thank goodness. That’s a nasty little virus that scared me. It took over my computer at about 11 pm and now here I am at 5 am typing this with a clean computer. Some Friday night eh?

    Thanks Webmaster and Malwarebytes !!! Kiss my #%$ Security System Virus !!!

    Chalk one up for the good guys.

  49. rona

    this programme wont download ie only 99% downloads so cant run it, i need help fast! system security 4.52 has taken over my computers windows xp

  50. rona

    ps i tried SAFE MODE ie pressing key F8 and it dod not make me didnt work

  51. Sal

    This virus has completely hijacked my system. I can’t see anything on my deskstop. No icons, no start button. Just the Windows XP logo on the bootm right side. Tried rebooting in Safe Mode, with or w/o Networking, also tried Safe Mode to open to the last configuration that worked. Nothing. IT is blank!!!

    Can’t do any of the suggestions recommeded since I am not able to go anywhere on the computer. Help!

  52. sandy

    So I tried everything on here and I got it to stop popping up. But now I can’t scan my computer because when I try using safe mode a bunch of lines saying “multi disk…windows/system32” show up. Then under normal startup i get notifications that I have corrupt files and it says to run chkdsk. Then my screen turns completely black after a few minutes and I have to manually restart the computer. I tried system restore but for some reason there are no restore points. PLEASE HELP!!

  53. Marcus

    My computer caught a trojan virus that my Windows Defender picked up right away. I had my Windows Defender scan my computer several times and each time I found a trojan and removed it. After about 3 scans, my Windows Defender can’t find any malware, but I’m still having problems with my computer:

    -My background has changed to all blue, no image, text or anything, just all blue.

    -When I right-click the background, go to Properties, then Desktop, it says that my background image is “critical_warning.html”. I can’t change the image at all.

    -My Task Manager is disabled and I can’t enable it.

    Other than that, nothing else seems to be wrong. I’ve tried all of the suggestions listed above, but none of them work. I haven’t fully tried Victorious’ method because I don’t know how to view my hidden folders.

    Can anyone help?

  54. Andy


    I had the system security virus. I renamed the application to .txt and it worked fine. To view the hidden files, go to tools, folder options, view and tick show hidden files and folders.

    I deleted the numbered folder and all is ok. Thanks Victorious.


  55. Ricki313

    Thanks to Victorious and the others who simply said to find the offending file and rename. I did it by right clicking on the system security icon on my desktop and then clicking properties. Then I clicked on find target and that took me right to 2 files. I changes the names and file extensions and rebooted and everything seems fine. Lucky for me this was only on my child’s computer so I had mine available to search for remedies.

  56. Utpal

    The MalwareByte’s Anti-Malware works great! I was struggling for last 3 days with my infected desktop to get rid of the System Security virus. Tried so many freeware solutions without much success. Then I came across this Webpage..followed the steps, and it worked beatifully. Thanks.

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