Flash Disinfector

Flash Disinfector is a free and very effective tool in removing Worms from removable drives. The tool targets Autorun Worms that changes accessibility options on the infected drives.

Flash Disinfector is a tool that will automatically remove unwanted files on removable USB drives, flash drives and memory sticks where passwords may be stored. Typically, computer Worms can enter the computer either when user download compromised files from insecure locations. Worms also spreads on spam email messages that come as attachment or links. This worm immediately looks for presence of removable USB drives and drops certain files into it, usually autorum.inf and executable file. Autorun.inf will run the executable file when the drive is access. From this process, Worm begins to spread on network and infect other drives. Infected USB and flash drive inserted on clean computers works to contaminate other drives utilizing the same method.

Use Flash Disinfector if you cannot access your USB drives, flash drives and memory stick specifically if you are certain that the cause is autorun worm. The tool can clean-up harmful files dropped by flash drive Worms. It deletes maliciously coded autorun.inf on each root drives and folders and creates its own clean one for protection purpose. Some unsafe files targeted by Flash Disinfector includes resycled.exe, samok_Foryou.bat, samok_Foryou.vbs, destrukto.vbs, Macromedia_Setup.exe, RVHost.exe, soundmix.exe, spoclsv.exe, mmc.exe, tel.xls.exe, Bha.dll.vbs, Autorun.vbs, host.exe and copy.exe among others.

Author: sUBs

License: Freeware

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Download Flash Disinfector: To begin the download, please click here.

How to Use Flash Disinfector:

Note: Before downloading and running the tool, please disable any installed anti-virus application. Since Flash Disinfector is a shareware, it is unrecognized by some security application and blocks from downloading. Do not forget to enable back your protection after the scan procedure.

1. Download Flash Disinfector and save it to your Desktop or any desired location. File Flash_Disinfector.exe is around 129KB. This is provided free.


2. After downloading, double-click on Flash_Disinfector to run the application.


3. Follow the prompt and continue until it starts scanning.

4. If asked to insert flash drive or any removable device including USB Pen Drive and Memory Stick, please do so.

5. It may take a while to scan removable drives, wait for the scan to finish.


6. Restart the computer.

Disclaimer: Flash Disinfector is provided ‘As-is’ without warranty of any kind.
Please use it at your own risks.


  1. Sunil

    I cant believe this! I spent 1 whole day trying to get rid of resycled/boot.com problem, and this little prog resolved it in literally seconds!!!!

    It’s Miracle!!!

    Many Many Thanks!!!!

  2. S. M.

    I’m just testing if this is a real posting page. I can’t beleive all these comments from users, and since I’m infected with the same worm, I thought it’s best to first test your site. if this is posted, it means you really work, no censoring…

  3. Revolnin24

    If you have ANY doubt this will work, I assure you it does! 3 and a half hours of my life wasted because I didn’t try this sooner! Thanks!

  4. Leninnica

    Oh my Lord!!!! this software is TOTALLY AMAZING. It did the work in just seconds. A+++

  5. sussu

    What else and new can i say, this is brilliant and i love who made this.. this problem almost got me grazy.

  6. Opa_Apo

    If You want to disinfect your hard drives just don’t plug the flash drive and click OK. It’s WORKING! :D Thanks!

  7. Kevin

    I had the resycled\ntldr.com problem and downloaded this program and it seemed to fixed the problem. Thank you much!

  8. Donna

    Thanks for this – wish I’d found it BEFORE I formatted my C drive. Oh well >:-) At least my external drives re clean now as well. What causes the problem initially though? I mean, which virus does this?

  9. janith

    This is a great tool. this can prevent virus loading when we double click on a drive. It’s cool and simple. the folder created by f.d. ( autorun.inf) cannot normally deleted. but can deleted using some tool like eraser. I think useless for effected computers

  10. Elusefelier

    THANK YOU! I can’t believe how a simple tool like this can be so powerful. I am in your debt!!! It fixed everything in roughly 10 seconds, hahahahahaha!

  11. George


  12. ahkesh

    it has not solved my problem yet. it did create a visible autorun.inf file (ltp3-for whatever it means) but thats all. what di i do next???

  13. Elizondo Camacho

    I tried AVG, House Call, Norton Antivirus, Spybot S&D, Disk Cleaner, CC Cleaner and couldnt get it to work. THIS worked.

    Excellent piece of software, I highly recommend it!

  14. Dan

    Fantastic – I wish there were more good then bad in cyberspace – Bravo!

  15. Vikrant

    Fantastic. it worked. My drives behave normally….. Success. ThankYou Dude

  16. Sekhar

    Works like a charm, A fantastic tool, thanks to the one who made it and to all who recommended it, excellent

  17. Peachey

    Thanks so much for creating this… a virus had copied itself onto all my pen drives, PLUS my mobile phone, MP3 player, MP4 player, digital camera…. basically anything you could plug into your PC. Flash Disinfector solved the problems. :D

  18. Michael Kaye

    This worked like a charm clearing up the “resycled” worm.
    Many thanx

  19. RAHUL

    wow.. really works.. kudos to all the developers..

  20. JoeDan Willams

    Thanks alot :D
    I thought this was another scam program but it works amazingly. Fixed my problem in about 25 seconds, Thanks agian :]


    man..this thing is great…..
    its fixed my month old autorun.inf problem in a second…
    a must try…
    and its NOT a virus !!

  22. Kevinrus

    Wow, simply amazing.
    I don’t know if it’ll always work though, I’m more than sure I get this virus from the stupid school computers, I’ll have to bring it there and use it to get rid of this thing, for me at least, once and for all ^_^.


  23. Fayeri

    Thanks for sharing this flash Disinfector but why my flash drive still have the samok foryou.bat/samok foryou.vbs when i detached it from my pc and i attach it again?!

    By the way It does Work but why it’s( samok foryou.bat/samok foryou.vbs ) still in my flash drive?!

    Please Help

  24. Primary Suspect

    I used this program before in the past, and it worked its wonders, since then I have reloaded many an operating system across my home network and seemed to have lost the file name and location. I’ve spent the past day looking for this file and ran across a lot of “waste your time” garbage. Your a life saver.

  25. simon

    I honestly thought this was a just another virus but i thought my pc is screwed anyway so ill give it a go. I had nothing to lose and to my suprise despite the unprofessional exection of flash disinfector has has given me access to my HDD’s again. For how long I don’t know, but thanks.

  26. Westy

    I have to say, I thought my machine was messed up…so thought I was risking nothing.

    This program (so far) seems to work.

    Thank you very much!!! I thought I was going to have to format my HD but alas didn’t! :0)

  27. Paul John G. Olegario

    wow !!! you’re the best!
    samok_Foryou.bat virus infected my laptop and it is really annoying! it diabled the run program and it doesn’t stop flashing. im using NOD32 but i dont know how still the virus came thru.

    Anyway, it works! less than a minute and its OK.

    Wow! you’re an angel!

    Thanks alot

  28. Jon

    I used this thinking it would only fix my USB stick, but it also did stuff to my hard drive partitions and created autorun.inf folders that can’t be deleted!!! And also it messed up the way Windows views cds and I don’t know how to undo the changes this program did to my system. Not cool.

  29. Sharon

    YES!!!! Worked for me, after more than an hour of trying to doing CMD etc… and wrestling with an overzealous McAfee antivirus program in the background… SIGH! Thank you, whoever made this program… you should be nominated for sainthood!

  30. Kingsley

    Thanx so much just got a new HDD and the autorun had it infected couldnt open it up got so scared of loosing all my documents and cash in such speed….mhen i Thank God, I Thank Google for linking me to you and i Thnk you for the Help cant believe the stuff got solved in such speed….damn….thanx man

  31. Nanatesnandare

    Thank You Very Much! Thank You Flash Disinfector Creator you saved my Pen Drive and C: drive from the virus :\resycled\boot.com is not a valid win32 application and it scanned 15 sec and it worked I will save this file on my pendrive and I will sahre this to my friends.

  32. Tahir Nadeem

    Thank You Thank You Thank you! i have been trying to get rid of this damned autorun,inf virus from my system since the last 6 weeks but nothing worked. Your amazing softwre got me rid of my problem. Thank you again and bless you!

  33. Chris

    Thank you so much, almost reformatted and I would have lost all data.

  34. RZPogi

    This program is not a virus, but its encryption software Nircmd is detected as malware. Nircmd inside of it is not malware.
    Here is the result from virustotal

  35. rakesh

    oh my GOD!!…..awesome… super… it just took 2sec to finish everything…… i have been exploring for weeks to find the solution..

  36. adaweessY

    Hi everybody! I don’t know where to start but hope this place will be useful for me.
    In first steps it is very nice if somebody supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

  37. George

    It’s amazing!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This really does the trick! Just a single click and all the drives are clean and clear of those boring viruses that won’t allow you to double click to open or those which will add this nasty “Autoplay” menu when right clicking on them!!!

  38. jr

    Excellent…., this REALLY worked, and fast (a few seconds). Save me tons of time and frustration!! Thank you very much!!

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