ClamWin Free Portable Antivirus for CD and USB Flash Drive

ClamWin Portable is a free virus scanner that can be taken anywhere and fits to run on USB flash drive, Memory Cards, iPod, portable hard disc or CD. ClamWin is a stand-alone virus scanner that has no real-time protection but is very useful in removing viruses from an infected computer. Simply follow the guide below to install and use ClamWin Free Portable Antivirus properly.


1. Download the latest version – ClamWinPortable_0.99.4 and save it to a desired location or drive.

2. Install it on a desired location.

3. Open the ClamWinPortable directory and double-click the ClamWinPortable Application.

4. It will prompt to download the database and updates. Please do so.

5. Close ClamWin after the updates.

6. Move the ClamWin.conf file from

7.  Burn the whole ClamWinPortable directory to CD or transfer it to USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards, Ipod or MP3 Players. Be sure not to move any of the files from the default locations. After transferring to memory cards and USB Flash Drive, you can set it to read only to make it secure and avoid infections.

8. To run ClamWinPortable, go to USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards, Ipod or MP3 Players where it was copied.

9. Run by double-clicking the ClamWinPortable Application.

10. When running from external drives, a prompt will appear:

“ClamWin Free Antivirus is not configured. Would you like to configure it now?”

11. Select Yes and make sure that all are directories are pointed on proper locations in your ClamWinPortable folder. Refer to image below for the appropriate categories.

12. After the configuration. ClamWin Free Antivirus will open.

13. Select desired drives to scan. ClamWinPortbale will scan computer and delete any threats detected.

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