Standard Virus and Malware Removal Procedure

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Launching your antivirus application and scanning the computer in normal way is sometimes insufficient to do the job. It is very important you are knowledgeable to have skills in running virus scan with different methods.

Viruses these days come in different forms. Adware, Spyware and Rogue programs are just some extra ordinary infections we must watch for daily computing activity. They can conceal malicious codes on fake software updates, bogus alerts and scam web sites. So, knowing which type of infection and source of virus is a plus factor for an accurate virus and malware removal.

For inexperienced computer users, we are presenting the list of Standard Virus and Malware Removal Procedure. These are convenient ways of removing threats from your computer. You may use any of the procedures since these do not require you to purchase additional software.


1. Scan Effectively with Antivirus Software

When infected with virus and malware, your first move is to scan the computer with installed antivirus software. Standard virus scan often does not remove files deeply hidden inside your system. It is good to know that Windows is ready for this type of situation. This is why the Operating System has this Safe Mode start-up in which using Windows without extra drivers and files is possible. That’s just one way to scan effectively with antivirus program.

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus virus scan interface

2. Scan with Portable Virus Scanner

Aside from your local antivirus application, doing a separate scan with other software is somehow effective. Your trusted antivirus program may not capture the entire pest. Some products are relying on pattern and definition files. If newer virus is unaccounted on those files, there is a big chance that it will slip away and continue to cause damages into your computer.

With the availability of Portable Antivirus and USB Bootable Antivirus, annihilation of viruses and malware is likely without adding extra costs to your security solution.

Portable Virus Scanner

Portable virus scanner by SuperAntispyware

3. Remove Threats with Online Anti-Virus Scanner

Optimize fast Internet connection not just for browsing, but also for security and maintenance. Performing a complete scan without the need to buy the whole program is now possible with Online Virus Scanner. Most of antivirus software manufacturer offers this tool. It is some sort of giving you a trial on the effectiveness of their product. Running online virus scanner needs minimal installation of ActiveX object and other components to launch the program.

TrendMicro Housecall

Online virus scanner by TrendMicro


  1. musadiq h

    please solve the problem of [email protected]
    i will be very thankful to u in this regard

  2. Dr.Mujtaba Bilgrami

    Please help me to remove W32/YahLover.worm.gen

  3. Christine

    I have this infection also and has given multiple infections with it, i.e. htepo, vundo, virutumonde,agent.aoy, downloader conhook (I can go on). So far no software (spyware or antivirus) has gotten rid of it.
    Only option is to totally clean out system and reinstall. I have tried other suggestions (manual) but none has worked. I hope who ever created this mess hangs in the gallows. Thanks for all suggestions. Appreciate it. Good luck to you all who have this monster.

  4. Christine

    One thing that can suppress the pop ups for a while is going into the internet explorer browser add-ons. I disabled all that had no publisher (which were downloaded by the virus/adware etc.) and has made a great deal of difference, allowing some use on the internet to seek advice.

  5. Heather

    I have a thing that keeps sending messages on msn. my friends thing send me a message with a file saying “sry about the messup i fixed the pic! Try it one more time plz” and the file was called i downloaded it …and then now its sending a message to friends on my list saying “can i put this picture of us on my profile”…

  6. steven

    i seemed to have fotomoto and baidu sobar…..i also keep getting a web page constantly loading in IE…… or something….i changed my browser to firefox….so far so good… warnings or opened web pages…..but i know the virus is still on there….what should i use…..ive tried live one care… removes it….but it always comes back….also i tried ad-aware…but it wont even find fotomoto or baidu sobar…..sigh…help

  7. shariq

    please tel me how to clean with win32/NSAnti its infected entire hard drive and nathing hapend after scaning just avg tectect it but its not able to clean would any body help plz

  8. Sergej

    Hi all!
    I have the same problem like steven. I can’t remove win32/fotomoto virus. Could you, please, help me to solve this problem. Many thanks!

  9. jordan

    jamesgodll disables access to system restore tab

  10. Aylarox Kumicho

    i was able to finally take off jamesgo.dll off my computer. since it’s a win32, i guess it’s somehow connected to recycler. since you can’t easily detect it because it attacks your system registry, it’s hard to detect.

    i had to study the registry actually. well, i used registry mechanics to detect the errors and spyware doctor 6.0 to detect the malwares. with these, they were able to correct most of it.

    but of course jamesgo.dll won’t be deleted easily. i used the command prompt and deleted the files named, autorun.ini, and krag.exe in each drive manually. and i modified the value of the registry it infected to its original value.

    and it’s gone. jamesgo.dll sorts of a survive if it has another virus with it. that just my opinion though. but so far so good, it’s gone.

  11. Mubarik

    It is very dangrous virus and i m problem. plz solve my problem

  12. aboabo

    I want some help to remove security toolbar 7.1

  13. Caterpillar

    Could anyone suggest how to remove VBS:Malware-gen?

  14. sheen

    how to get rid of win32/nsanti?
    is any of the procedure here gonna work on removing that virus/malware?

  15. drew

    Guys and Girls, please remember to TEMPORARILY DISABLE SYSTEM RESTORE before you remove this spyware, otherwise it’ll revert to the previous state and you’re back at square 1.


  16. jessica

    how can i remove the imgINSOY virus…?

  17. Bobby

    how can i get rid of Zlob Trojan?

  18. jackmo

    I have this virus too, any decent free virus scanners that can remove it?

  19. Greareanne

    how can i get rid of imgINSOY?
    i cnt open my “C:”
    please help..

  20. jun

    got dewormed
    thanks for the tip

    try procedure 2 it worked for me

  21. sam

    how can i remove this imgINSOY pls ineed your help tnx.

  22. daniel

    use the format option to clean this virus

  23. renata mkd

    hello,i can’t remove willpolo.bvs worm from my pc…please help me…please…thank you!!!

  24. DAIZY


  25. me

    I have tried scaning with trendmicro sysclean but my browser still shows as xpc .I don’t know how to remove this virus from the explorer I tried resetting it to default , blank but its just gets reset again to xpc

    please help ME and give me suggestions how to remove it

  26. Tener

    Can´t open your C: or D: drive??
    Download and run KAVO KILLER.
    It´s solve my problem :)

  27. Yogendra Solanki

    I have a problem that is i cannot remove a viruse the name is ‘marioforever.exe’. it is vewry dangerous virus because it found in 75 computers which is runs in big network. So how can delete this virus. Please help me to remove this virus.

  28. priyank

    when i open any folder there message as” critical warning.some dangerous virus detected in your system. this may lead destructions of some files.
    download antispyware…”

    please solve my problem…

  29. GotU2

    Cheer cheer! to Phil McGroin’s comment on July 29 of 2008.

    I find it remarkable that some people just want the answer without providing a decent question (nor proper use of English).

    Suggestion: first try helping yourself before going to someone else for help because you’ll be amazed how much information is out there if you only try.

  30. no one like u

    my notebook have virus jamesgo.dll an u help me remove this virus pleases

  31. cornelia

    please tel me haw to clean this virus please Spyware.IEMonster

  32. annalisa

    nn riesco a togliere antivirs2009mi compaqre dctinuo come faccio aiutatemi

  33. buttons

    AVG anti virus
    Spyware doctor

    The former is free and will get rid of a lot of these. The latter is not, but is an excellent product; well worth the cost.

    Generally with virus I just rebuild a system. The bigger question here that should be asked is what did you do to contract the malware in the first place?

  34. Brad

    Hey, got Spyware.IEMonster.b somehow.. can anyone help? tried SmitfraudFix.exe it worked for about 3mins.. then the virus is back >.< anyother ideas

  35. Wocarson

    Thanks to lot

  36. Laura

    I can’t get this security system removed. I did the malware…but it didn’t remove it….any suggestsions?

  37. Dennis

    It was on my computer for about three weeks, and I found it on the right of Mozilla Firefox browser where you find the searches for such as Yahoo, Creative Commons, etc. I deleted it there and then deleted out of my Recycle Bin…Not had any trouble with it since

  38. Wanda

    how do I remove virus super juan

  39. wilson grado

    did anybody tried the escan antivirus you have to try it its the best antivirus

  40. stacey

    this xp police pop up is driving me crazy i want to throw my compuyer out of the window like right now what do i do

  41. alycia

    how do i uninstall spywear protection 2009?

  42. Kristina

    Respond to Phil McGroin comment in July and GotU2 from August: So what webmaster says is inaccurate? Does that mean that AntiVirus is not scam? Reason I ask is because I paid for it, only lasted two days and now I just have McAffe.
    I also want to know if there is a free program which can protect my computer from threats because my McAffe subscription is over later this year and I do not want to pay for it.

  43. jbbagalkot

    how to remove full house virus plz suggest me

  44. pHaZm

    This is pitifull. It sure sounds like 99% of the posts here are from 5 year olds.
    Keep operating system patched
    Keep antivirus/antimalware up to date
    Run a firewall
    Obviously not many people have heard about this – if they did – they wouldn’t be here now. Funny thing is – these machine can get cleaned out – but why bother. They will be in the same shape again within 3 weeks due to the fact that folks don’t bother with basic security. I’d lovoe to tell all with these issues where to go – but at $50-$150 a shot to clean a machine – I guess I can’t really complain – did ya hear that – $50-$150 to clean an infected machine – hint, hint

  45. akalyptos

    help how to remove

  46. Tman

    how do i remove full house drive from my computer?

  47. Skoke

    I suggest you all take your pc’s to a reputable vendor and pay to have them fix your problem. OR Format your HD and spend the next few days re-installing all of your software. Your computer will simply be infected again in a month or so. Just remember, there isn’t anyone out there installing viruses/malware on your computer, the person infecting your computer is YOU! Until you people change the way you use the internet, open email and download files, it’s gonna happen over and over and over…….. So go ahead and download that FREE game, Smiley Faces, or Screen Saver… LOL

    P.S. I hope none of you use credit cards to purchase anything online. If you do, there’s a half a million people in Europe right now that have it too.

  48. elang

    some body help,my computer atteck with virus win32 heur
    what should i do?
    some one have solution for me?
    thank’s for help

  49. leszqa

    after finished scaning, tanglinko is removed from my comp but the folders were missing…where are they…???Can u guys help me please…

  50. aowd25

    after finished scaning, tanglinko is removed from my comp but the folders were missing…where are they…???Can u guys help me please…

  51. Abhijith

    best thing is, if you can, run spybot. stop all unwanted/spyware processes and then run a full scan

  52. gabriel

    poderia me ajudar a remover o personal protector

  53. josslyn

    okay i have this thing call avitori or something like that and a friend of mine is saying its a fake and giveing my computer viruses i ahve no clue what to do beacuse i get them even when im not even on the intrent lie really how is that even possible?!
    so can you guys please help me out like badly beacuse i dont want to lose my computer!!! D:

  54. Absolute crap

    Okay.. so.. I have this virus- Trojan.Immbesg!inf.. it sounds like a defective condom… anyway.. I googled it and I found a bunch of ways to ‘fix”it but I pretty much know nothing about it and I don’t want to make it worse by trying to make it better… HELP?

  55. Hank Billo

    I got the Conficker virus. How can I clean it?

  56. Yucka Smith

    HELLO! does anyone know how to remove security tool without having to pay for Spydoctor or do dangerous rebooting I am mad and I don’t know what to do. If anyone knows please help. I AM TIRED OF THE POP-UPS THE SPYWARE DOES!

  57. Yucka Smith


  58. Erika

    I downloaded the virus from face book . a friend sent it to me in a message that said ” lol i found a video of you” once i clicked on the link a video popped up but it said i need to download something to view it. once i clicked the down load i had succefully installed the AV Center virus

  59. khaled

    i see a strange languages on some windows

  60. wesley

    my computer is infected with av security suite how do i remove it i need a step by step because it wont let me open malwarebytes it says that every file (pretty much) is infected

  61. sew

    how to remove .lnk virus pls solved

  62. meshell

    How can I remove THINK POINT from my computer? The program is blocking me from internet access and also it won’t read any discs that I put in it. Thanks for any help! I know some about computers but not a whole lot.


    How can i remove win32 virus dropper

  64. eva sims

    i order a product that i’m trying to download, i cannot get through because of popup,i guess.i been trying to download this product from january12 2011 ,to feburary 2011, i haven’t downdolladed it yet, i don’t know what causeing this product to be downloaded, please let me know what is causeing this problum

  65. dilip

    Please tell me how to remove Trojan Horse Generic14.QOM from a critical file of Windows OS.( C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ntfs.sys

  66. saman

    i can not remove ms removal tool from my pc
    please help me
    it disturb me
    help me

  67. cables19

    How can i remove

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