Boot with Windows 7 System Recovery Options on Hard Drive

A useful tool called System Recovery Options is Windows 7 repair tool that can be found on your hard drive where Windows 7 is installed. This is very vital when troubleshooting any problems on the operating system. Sometimes, virus infection causes some system files to get corrupted, making Windows 7 unable to boot. In such instances, this recovery tool is handy to override infected files with fresh copy. It will also restore the computer to faultless state once it has found and fixed problematic portion of Windows.


To boot your computer with System Recovery Options, please follow these steps:

1. Remove all media that are capable to boot a computer such as floppy disks, CDs, DVD’s and Flash drives.

2. Press F8 on your keyboard just before Windows 7 logo appears. Failure to boot with System Recovery Options before the logo requires you to wait until Windows 7 loads and shutting the computer to do another fresh start. This time, make sure that you do it right.

3. Advanced Boot Options screen will be displayed. use keyboard arrow keys to highlight Repair your computer and press Enter.

4.  System Recovery Options menu will appear as displayed below.

You can now utilized your System Recovery Options features to repair and fix errors on the computer. Just in case Repair your computer does not appear on boot-up, then recovery options is not included in your pre-installation.

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