How to Disable or Enable System Restore on Windows XP

Information provided on this page is “How to disable System Restore on Windows XP” and prevent the viruses on infected data from being restored. System Restore is part of Windows XP, which was by default is turned on during the installation process. Turning Off system restore may remove previous restore points so it is advised to do this if there are no used of your previous restore points. 


Method 1

You must have an Administrator Privilege to be able to disable System Restore on Windows XP.
1. On the Desktop, right-click on My Computer.
2. Select the System Restore tab.
3. Mark the “Turn Off System Restore” to disable this function. Simply reverse the process to Enable.
4. Click Apply on the bottom of the Dialog Box to save the settings.
5. A message “This deletes all existing restore points” will appear, click Yes to disable.
6. Click OK.

Method 2

1. Click on Windows XP taskbar. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel.
2. Double-click on System icon.
3. File System Properties window will appear.
4. Choose Troubleshooting tab.
5. Click (check) Disable System Restore.
6. Click on Apply and restart the computer.

Note: If you turn off System Restore for troubleshooting purposes such as Virus removal, don’t forget to turn it on again after the removal process. You must create new restore points once you turn System Restore back on.

How to Disable System Restore in Windows Me

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