How to Restore Google Chrome’s Homepage and Search Settings

Not all adware are designed to affect home page and default search engine. Hence, if your home page is hijacked by adware, you may carry out this guide. Run this same procedures if the adware is affecting Google Chrome’s search settings.

1 On Google Chrome browser, type the given strings in the address bar and press Enter on your keyboard: chrome://settings

2 To remove adware from start-up and new tab pages of Chrome, you need to reset the default home page settings. Scroll down to ‘On startup’ and choose ‘Open a specific page or set
of pages’
. Click on Set pages link to open Startup Pages window.

Chrome Set Pages

3 Hover your cursor to unwanted web address and click X to remove adware from the start-up page. See image for reference.

Chrome Start-up Page

4 Choose your preferred start-up page from the list or type the address on the field ‘Enter Url…’ and press Enter on your keyboard.

5 Click OK to save the settings. Please stay on Settings page.

6 Scroll down to Search area.

Manage Search

7 Click on Manage Search Engines… button. List of available search engines will appear on new window.

8 Hover your cursor to favored search engine and click on Make Default.

Make Default Search

9 Next, we need to remove unwanted search engine. Select suspicious or item that is relevant to adware and click on X mark to delete it.

Remove Search

10 When done removing unwanted search engines, click Done and restart Google Chrome browser.

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