Restore Internet Explorer’s Home Page and Default Search Settings

Even though Internet Explorer is an obsolete browser that only few web users are utilizing, most recent adware are still compatible to this internet program. Cross-browser potentially unwanted programs (PUP) or Adware do still have versions that are specific to Internet Explorer. Unlike most browsers, adware on Internet Explorer are OS (operating system) based. Meaning, they do not have uninstall function on the browser itself. Victims need to remove the adware through Windows Control Panel. Unfortunately, there are times that this procedure is ineffective in restoring homepage and search settings of Internet Explorer.

Proceed with this procedure if adware manages to alter your Internet Explorer’s home page and default search engine.

1 Open Internet Explorer.

2 Navigate to top menu and click on Tools. Next, select Manage add-ons from the list. A window where in you can manage Internet Explorer add-ons will open.

IE Tools Menu

3 Click on Toolbars and Extensions on left panel. Delete or Disable any items that are relevant to adware.

IE Disable Extension

Restore Internet Explorer’s Default Search Engine

4 Click Search Providers on left panel of the window.

IE Default Search

5 Choose your desired search box and click ‘Set as default’ on lower right corner of the window. Remember, you cannot remove a search provider currently set to default.

6 Then, to remove adware from this list, simply highlight it and click on Remove button. If ‘adware’ is not present, it might be using a different name as stated above.

Remove Add-ons from IE

7 You may now close the current window and keep Internet Explorer browser open.

Restore Internet Explorer’s Home Page

8 Navigate to Tools > Internet Options. It opens up a configuration box of IE. Make sure that you are in General tab.

9 On Home Page area, replace the entry if it is currently set to adware. Input your preferred web address, which will also be your default home page.

IE home page

10 Click OK to save the settings and restart Internet Explorer.

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