Restore Windows Vista or Windows 7 to an earlier date

Learn how to bring back Windows previous configuration using System Restore. By having an organized restore point, Windows user may selectively rebuild damaged settings caused by recent hardware and software changes.

Just like old version of Windows, recent ones are also having the tool System Restore. This tool is very useful when experiencing system crashes due to corrupted files. Incomplete installation of programs or drivers, also virus infection causing troubles can be resolve with this tool. System Restore for Windows Vista or Windows 7 can overwrite damaged configuration, files and programs with an unspoiled version if you enabled System Restore for Windows Vista or 7. This procedure is only effective if a restore point is present on the computer. Thus, it is vital to have an organized restore points with descriptive changes and type of update performed on the computer.


To restore Windows Vista or Windows 7 to an earlier date please follow these guidelines:

1. Log-on to Windows with Administrative rights.

2. Click on Start. In the search box, type System Restore and click System Restore on the results. Alternatively, you may type rstrui.exe and press Enter on the keyboard.

Search System Restore

3. Continue on the steps and choose a desired restore point. All saved restore points are listed with corresponding date, time and description. Please click and read ‘How do I choose a restore point?’ for additional guide.

Windows 7 System Restore

4. Typically, only the most recent restore points are shown. To view older saved data, please choose “Show more restore points.”After choosing a restore point click Next.

5. If prompted to Confirm your restore point, please click on Finish to begin the process.

Please take note that System Restore will not bring back lost personal files such as documents, images and videos. System Restore specific purpose is to bring back  previous configuration and change the system state of Windows.


  1. ed

    what if the computer that is infected won’t boot?
    all it does is display a script stating “no hard drive is detected”

  2. Alison

    Great tips but what if SOCA virus prevents you accessing anything else. And also prevents reboot with command prompt?

  3. Mike

    This mainly tells us what we already know, and we’re typically looking for a restore point later than the last couple of updates… microsoft are probably doing this to make the Win7 unworkable (to force an upgrade). They have just crippled my system with an update i cannot remove KB915597 which relates ONLY to Windows 10, so why did microsoft auto install on windows 7? For the reasons just explained.. it’s a stitch up guv!

  4. Prajjwal

    I have restored my windows 8.1 computer status to a month ago date. But the files are still encrypted. What should I do to decrypt the files please do reply!!

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